Little Yogis and Co will begin from where the little yogi’s is at … a unique individual.

Little Yogis and Co’s passion and want is for the little yogis to live healthy, productive and meaningful lives with a sense of inner contentment. Children are born living from their hearts. Nurturing our little yogis to live and lead throughout their lives from their hearts. We will create a positive fun, open space program to introduce young children and people to yoga, mindfulness and holistic education.

Holistic Educational experiences meets the individual yogi to where he/she is and addressing little yogis’ unique spirit. 

  • We will provide little yogis tools from an early age to use throughout their lives to connect in within themselves, sprout with their learning, grow and bloom in all areas of their lives.

  • We provide a program that gives therapeutic interactions with our staff and developing little yogi.

  • We will provide experiences in self-awareness, building resilience and body control.

Little Yogis and Co will introduce new patterns of behaviour that will over time replace the old ones and help little yogis feel free, authentic and motivated about their dreams and their lives.


Little Yogis and Co is designed around 4 values. These values represent each stage of the Little Yogis and Co Program.

A child connecting is signifying a deep knowing of the self; an intuition, a wisdom of the soul. Children are born connected; therefore, they are easily able to connect back to themselves.

A child sprouting is signifying the beginning of the flourishing garden of their mind. The start of the new. From the first sprout, the child will develop and bloom quickly into their most authentic and unique self.

Growth involves change and change involves risk. Stepping from the known to the unknown. When a child is actively growing, they let go of their limitations. Nourished and aware of each stage, the Little Yogis recognises that growth is a journey and each child’ growth looks and feels different. All the stages align and the Little Yogi has the foundations to achieve and be anything.

When a child is connected, and their sprouting has begun they will begin to bloom. Each child will open and bloom from within in perfect rhythm with their own individual life. That can mean something different to each Little Yogi. The important thing to remember is that each stage has its beauty and its challenges, and with each phase comes new opportunities.


ROSA PITERI, Managing Director
BELINDA MORELLI, Lead Yoga Instructor