Our Little Yogis community sharing their thoughts with us about our Little Yogis and Co Offerings!

 “Thank you! In the last term I have seen such an improvement in my son Alex’s balance, patience and temperament. Your yoga teachings has improved his balance ten fold, from once a clumsy boy tripping on his own feet he now hops around the house on one foot. Your breathing techniques have taught him patience, calming down instead of throwing a tantrum and in turn has made him such a happier little boy. We love the calmness and openness of your studio and Alex loves coming to Miss Melanie’s class. Cant wait for next term! Thank you!” Sina and Alex

“As parent, Little Yogis & Co is a wonderful space where my daughter can learn mindfulness and part take in a few different activities in the one offering, rather than just one activity. I love how they offer yoga, crafts and music and how all their resourses are made naturally. My daughter absolutely loves her time there as she’s free to express herself and take part in what she likes. I struggle to get her out of there once the offering has finished.” Pam and Chiara

“I just wanted to thank you to you and Melanie so much! Our holidays are usually filled with fast paced busy activities and this was such a welcome change. They were both nervous before attending but the moment they entered the room they felt immediately comfortable. Even I walked out of the session feeling calm! The girls couldn’t stop talking about how much they adored the program and have asked if they can come back next week.” Nicole, Ivy and Addison